We strive to provide an opportunity for the boys of our community to learn and participate in the great sport of lacrosse, while developing a sense of teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship in a safe and enjoyable environment.

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You or your company’s $250 sponsorship provides the following recognition:

  1. Company Sponsorship Recognition (.jpg file required) on Wisslaxboys.com website and link to your company website
  2. Recognition and Link to company website at the bottom of all Wisslax Boys emails (approx. 30/year to 300+ emails)
  3. Minimum 1 social media post to 400+ followers
  4. Name on Back of Intramural Pinnies (1st – 4th Grade Program) if available

Every year we are fortunate to have sponsors that have supported our program above and beyond the registration cost.  We do our best to provide recognition to you and your company.  The Sponsorship Program is extremely important for us to fund Wisslax Boys, which is a PA non-profit and provide all the opportunities necessary to teach and learn to the sport of lacrosse.


Please contact Jordan Hobart jthobart@verizon.net or Bill Moore bmoore0703@gmail.com for sponsorship details and attach a .jpg file of your company logo for placement on our website